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Pre-Book PC Reservation Client (Windows) 1.0

Pre-Book PC Reservation Client (Windows) 1.0: Open Source (free) time-limit management and PC reservation client for Windows An Open Source (free) time limit management and PC reservation system. Includes both client and server components. This windows client software retrieves remaining time from the server based on username (or barcode) and password supplied by the user. A count down clock shows remaining time and logs the users out automatically once their time is up.

JiJi GPO Search 2.0.0: Advanced GPO Search tool provides individual settings level search to locate gpo
JiJi GPO Search 2.0.0

user specified keyword. It extends the GPO search beyond the limit by providing individual settings level search. Whats the problem with GPMC Search? Builtin Search facility available in Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) can be used to find the existence of a GPO Extension or a group of settings and not the actual individual setting or a user specified keyword. Also in GPMC search it is difficult to locate the GPOs, when you have more number

gpmc search, advanced group policy search, group policy management, group policy tools

E-Mage for Web A simple tool for creating HTML image galleries from pictures on your computer.
E-Mage for Web

limit for jpeg files (unique feature) - all produced thumbnails will be adjusted by quality to fit the limit. Aside from this, templates allow deep customization of HTML page layout. The template language is naturally embedded in HTML code, so you can easily create new templates from regular html documents. The flexibility is provided by macros and special commands that allow you describing of alternatives and repeating structures (table cells and

thumbnail, template, photo, image, digital, html, generate, gallery, picture

Cut Throat Pinochle 4.14: 3 hand, Gambling version of Pinochle. Scored with chips, Played with a widow.
Cut Throat Pinochle 4.14

3 hand, Gambling version of Pinochle. Scored with chips, Played with a widow, Sound on/off, Save game for play later, name players, game limit by time or hands played, Hints, Won/lost record for two different users, Review of deal and widow. Shareware version has 25 game limit. Registered versions have unlimited play, free upgrades and support. CD`s of the game are $4.00 (Shareware, mailed to your home). Registration of the game is $24.00.

sac products, card, pinochle, pinocle, game, cards, cut throat

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Sami FTP Server 2.0.2

Sami FTP Server is small, powerful and extremely easy to use. You can set up user accounts, modify server settings and view the current activity with just a few clicks. Other features include a virtual directory, up and down rate limit on a user basis or for the whole server, statistics about user logins and file transfers, extensive logs and much more.

easy, small, powerful, sami, server

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MailBee Message Queue 1.5

uses the same queue format as IIS SMTP service. Any application which can submit e-mails to IIS SMTP pickup folder can do the same with MailBee Message Queue. MailBee Message Queue features: - Supports multiple instances of MailBee Message Queue; - Multi-threaded mode (up to 64 threads); - "Limit message-sending rate" and "limit number of sends per session" options for SMTP servers which limit throughput per IP address or connection; - User-friendly

smtp, mailing, secure, authentication, email, mass mailing, mail, attachment, attachments, e mail, bulk, message, component

PST Upgrade Tool 2.5: PST Upgrade Tool Superior tool to Convert ANSI to Unicode PST Files
PST Upgrade Tool 2.5

The PST Upgrade tool allows users to convert ANSI to Unicode PST format and Unicode PST file to ANSI version. Also Outlook users can convert PST emails to PST file folders and upgrade (MS Outlook 2000/2002/XP to 2003/2007) and degrade Outlook PST files. With the help of software users can increase PST file size 2GB to 20GB and resolve size limit of PST File.

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